How it works

1. Once you decide to take advantage of the service AutoArc AB provides, we recommend you send us your request by e-mail, phone or fax. Specify the model you want and the options with which you would like to equip your car.

2. All prices offered are TAX FREE. To export cars at tax-free prices your VAT-number is required.

3. For private persons the following documents are required: Copy of your passport and a power of attorney-mandate.

4. All cars come with a two-year European warranty. According to EU legislation all franchised dealers must honour these guarantees in the same manner regardless of the source of the vehicles. Cases of guarantee must be executed by an authorized dealer.

5. All cars will be delivered with COC document.

6. After your request has been processed we will send you a pro forma invoice. When a signed order is received by us and the deposit is paid the formal order will be placed with the dealer.

7. Delivery time is approximately 8–16 weeks depending on the manufacturer. The delivery time can sometimes be subject to delays, which are all beyond AutoArc AB’s and the authorised dealer’s control.

8. After the order is placed you will receive frequent updates on your order/orders. This gives you the benefit of allowing you to know exactly where in the production chain the car is. You will receive information about production week, production day, chassis number, departure from the factory, arrival to the port and arrival to the dealer.

9. When the car is at the dealer’s and full payment for the car is received we will arrange the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and transport of the car. The date of delivery will be agreed on with the buyer before any transport is made.